Single Flat NetworkΒΆ

The following scenarios show a single flat network, shows a flat network that uses public IP addresses, which can be reached from outside the network.


To use this scenario, the following configuration options are needed:

  • In the neutron ML2 plugin configure file (default file name is /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini), make sure that mechanism_drivers is zvm and vsw2 is in the flat_networks option:

    mechanism_drivers = zvm
    flat_networks = vsw2
  • In the neutron z/VM agent configure file (default file name is /etc/neutron/plugins/zvm/neutron_zvm_plugin.ini), the option cloud_connector_url is the URL to be used to communicate with the z/VM cloud connector, and if the z/VM cloud connector set auth in wsgi section, a token file is required. Besides, if the vsw2 is not a predefined vswitch, make sure to define rdev_list with the OSA device number:

    cloud_connector_url = http://
    zvm_cloud_connector_token_file = /etc/zvmsdk/token.dat
    # OSA2 uses RDEV A2

After restarting the neutron server and neutron z/VM agent, follow these steps on the OpenStack controller to create the network and subnet.

  • Create the single flat network:

    openstack network create --shared --provider-network_type flat --provider-physical_network vsw2 singleflat
  • Create the appropriate subnet for the network:

    Openstack subnet create --allocation-pool start=,end= --network singleflat --subnet-range --gateway singleflat-sub

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