More Than One NetworkΒΆ

In the current Neutron z/VM agent implementation, physical network names are used as vswitch names. There is no limitation on the number or the order of physical networks, so in the Neutron ML2 plugin configuration file (/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini), you could have:

flat_networks = vsw3,vsw3
network_vlan_ranges = vsw4:1:4094,vsw5:1:4094

And in the Neutron z/VM agent configuration file (/etc/neutron/plugins/zvm/neutron_zvm_plugin.ini), you could have:

cloud_connector_url = http://
# OSA2 uses RDEV A2
# OSA3 uses RDEV A3
# OSA4 uses RDEV A4
# OSA5 uses RDEV A5

The Neutron z/VM agent will create vswitches named vsw1, vsw2, vsw3 and vsw4. vsw2 and vsw3 will be a VLAN UNAWARE vswitch, while vsw4 and vsw5 will be VLAN AWARE.


Each of the switches needs at least one OSA defined. The OSA card needs to be connected to the trunk port if the VLAN is enabled. The related rdev_list should be updated to list one of the OSAs.

With the vswitches, more networks can be defined, as follows.

  • Create the flat networks for physical network vsw2 and vsw3:

    openstack network create --shared --provider-network_type flat --provider-physical_network vsw2 flat2
    openstack network create --shared --provider-network_type flat --provider-physical_network vsw3 flat3
  • Create the appropriate subnet for the flat networks:

    Openstack subnet create --allocation-pool start=,end= --network flat2 --subnet-range --gateway flat2-sub
    Openstack subnet create --allocation-pool start=,end= --network flat3 --subnet-range --gateway flat3-sub
  • Create the vlan network for physical network vsw4 and vsw5:

    openstack network create --shared --provider-network_type vlan --provider-physical_network vsw4 --provider-segment 104 vlan4
    openstack network create --shared --provider-network_type vlan --provider-physical_network vsw5 --provider-segment 105 vlan5
  • Create the appropriate subnet for the vlan networks:

    Openstack subnet create --allocation-pool start=,end= --network vlan4 --subnet-range --gateway vlan4-sub
    Openstack subnet create --allocation-pool start=,end= --network vlan5 --subnet-range --gateway vlan5-sub

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